حَاجِز \ bar: sth. that stops or prevents sth.: Old ideas may be a bar to progress. barrier: sth. that prevents people from passing: Railway tickets are examined at the barrier. There is a social barrier between rich and poor. block: sth. that gets in the way and prevents movement: The Police put up a road block. counter: a long table between buyers and sellers in a shop, bank, etc.. embankment: a wall of earth or stones to hold back water, or to carry a road or railway above the natural level. fender: sth. used to prevent one object from striking another (e.g. a guard in front of a fire in a room; a bar at the front of a car; pieces of rubber, rope or wood used to hold a ship away from the side of a harbour). rail: a bar of wood or metal that joins upright posts (of a fence, as a support for climbing stairs, etc.). screen: sth. (a frame with cloth, woodwork, glass, etc.) that gives protection against the wind, or against being seen: a windscreen; a smoke screen (smoke that hides one). \ See Also سد (سَدٌّ)، رَصيف، سور (سُور)، ستار (سِتار)‏

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